Brandon & Lindsay Wall

Senior Pastors 

Brandon and Lindsay Wall are the Senior Pastors of Oasis City, a life-giving church located on beautiful Vancouver Island. Brandon is a fourth-generation pastor, and Lindsay is a third-generation pastor. For 25 years, Brandon and Lindsay have ministered together. 

Brandon is a passionate communicator and worship leader with a heart for seeing prophetic courage released and individuals, leaders, and churches inspired to move forward in bold steps of faith.  

Wherever the Gospel of The Kingdom is preached, we can expect to encounter the manifest presence of God. Brandon and Lindsay believe that identifying what the Holy Spirit is resting on in an individual or gathering is paramount. These are the moments that formed their lives, and calling and seeing a move of God in the lives of this generation is essential if we are going to move forward! Brandon’s speaking style resonates with all ages, and this can be seen in the make-up of Oasis City Church. 

Brandon and Lindsay have four (five)  children: Malachi (Jenna), Zoe, Michaela and Zane.