join us Sunday morning, at 10:30, 

for worship and an encouraging word from our Pastor. Seeking? Looking for truth? 

Craving more? 

You'll find it here, in the presence of God. 

And we know He is in a good mood! 

So come taste and see.

A PLace to Be Planted

Good ground is a necessary part of good growth. We were not designed to stay in the plastic pot at the garden centre. We were purchased by God and planted in the Kingdom.

Planting in a good church is a great step in good spiritual growth for every believer. Christ loves the CHURCH!

A place To GROW

Vision - Mission - Community - These elements are like soil nutrients they  help us grow strong spiritually. Vision helps set direction of growth, mission helps establish root strength and community provides support and protection. Larger stronger trees protect the smaller younger trees.